Elliptical Handhole & Manhole Rings

Elliptical Handhole & Manway Rings

We try to supply all rings in SA 106B/C seamless pipe material; when this is not possible rings are supplied in SA516 Grade 70 steel. Stainless steel, other materials and other depths and thicknesses are available on request.

Seamless rings: Rings are sized and then machined on one edge to provide a gasket surface.

Welded rings: The ring is formed of one piece of steel that is sized, welded and one side machined faced. Rings comply with A.S.M.E. code, UG 11(c) except Elliptical Handhole & Manhole Ringsradiography and heat treatment are not preformed on welded rings. Rings can be ordered with the weld x-rayed; charges will be based on the quantity ordered.

Ring depths are nominal and are subject to a reduction of not more than 3/16 after machining.

Reinforcement of openings must be calculated for each application on all rings.

Elliptical Handhole & Manhole RingsRings ONLY. For information on handhole/manhole assemblies or covers, click here.